How do I place an order?

Food Ē Farms makes it easy for individuals or companies to purchase products online on our website. Large orders can be taken through one of our representatives in person or on the phone.

Delivery Options;

Food Ē Farms will deliver products, certain delivery charges may apply based on distances traveled and the quantity purchased by an individual or company.


Individuals who order $30 dollars or more within the city of Calgary or Cochrane will have free delivery.


Surrounding areas will be assessed a charge based on the quantity in a purchase. Depending on the amount of product to be delivered for individuals and companies alike in areas like the Bow Valley, the delivery may be free but will be a 'Product Pickup' at a designated place on certain dates. 

COVID restrictions will apply and all of the deliveries will follow distancing restrictions.

Returns & Refunds;

The Return of a product or the refunding of the purchase will be assessed on a per purchase basis and will determine the circumstances of the concern.