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Food E Farms practices precision agriculture to ensure all of our plants have the ultimate growing conditions. Our farm creates an environment that mimics a natural grow cycle by emulating a true 24 hour life cycle to ensure our plants are the healthiest they can be.


Water is the foundation of life and livelihoods on this planet. Life on our urban farm provides fresh clean water to every plant through a variety of ways.  Food E Farms utilizes low wattage pumps to provide the perfect amount of fresh water by recreating a flow style watering ensuring proper nutrients are delivered to promote plant health and flavour.

Food E Farms FAQ

How do I place an order?

Food Ē Farms makes it easy for individuals or companies to purchase products online on our website. Large orders can be taken through one of our representatives in person or on the phone.

In-Store Pick-up Options;

Food Ē Farms is located in Cochrane, Alberta @ 242 River Ave, Cochrane, AB T4C 2C1

Returns & Refunds;

The return of a product or the refunding of the purchase will be assessed on a per purchase basis and will determine the circumstances of the concern.